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Podcasting has become a trendy way to share information and entertainment. Podcasts are often downloaded from iTunes or other podcast apps. If you want to start creating podcasts, you’ll need some essential equipment.

Podcasting is a smart and excellent method to share your experiences, views, knowledge, storytelling, updates through voice with the world. More than 50 million Americans listen to podcasts every month. The average listener spends nearly two hours per week listening to them.


You don’t need expensive equipment to create a quality podcast. All you need is a computer, microphone, and software. You can make some pretty exciting podcasts with the right equipment and good audio recording techniques.
One of the first things you should know about this new form of media is that there’s already an extensive library of material on the web.
We will demonstrate how to start recording your podcast and publish it over internet platforms.
We then walk through editing your recorded files in Adobe Audition and discuss essential features like tagging and adding photos and graphics to the podcast and converting the file into different formats so you can publish it for free online.


  • How to stai1 podcasting
  • Designing & editing audio content
  • Using recording equipment and software for audio production
  • Podcast Content and distribution
  • Editing Essentials — audio editing software
  • Disseminating your podcasts, building communities and promote your podcast
  • Recording Essentials
  • Publish your podcast to iTunes and google play
  • Setting Up a Podcast 2019 Recording Studio and Record
  • Setting Up and Using Your Recording Gear (Equipment List Included)
  • Audacity is used to record solo and in-person performances.
  • Capture: Skype Interviews with Anyone With a Phone
  • Final thoughts: It's time to take action! Beginning your recording process
  • Recording: It's Time to Act!
  • Structure: Process for Laying Out Podcast Files
  • Taking podcast notes and using Audacity to master audio are examples of polishing.
  • Leveling: Assuring Excellent Audio Quality for Podcasts.
  • Obtaining music and other audio components for podcasts
  • Polishing Cleaning Up New Types of Audio
  • Using GarageBand to make your podcast, mix 1 of 2
  • Using GarageBand to make your podcast, mix 2 of 2 
  • Using Audacity for Mixing PART ONE
  • Using Audacity for Mixing PART TWO
  • Using Audacity for Mixing PART THREE 
  • Document for Tagging: The Podcasting Process Tags
  • Document Tags: Wrapping Your Podcast in Digital Form for Professionalism
  • Test your knowledge of the podcast audio engineering process with freedom.
  • Inspiration for the Podcast Audio Engineering Section from Wrap & Jp
  • Creating: Register a domain and create a WordPress site from scratch.
  • How to Set Up a WordPress Blog to Be "Podcast Ready"
  • Setting up a Podcast Media Hosting Account and Uploading Shows
  • Publication: Launch your first podcast.
  • How to Upload Your Podcast to iTunes for Blogging
  • Inspiration: A Tour of iTunes, the Top Podcasts, and the New & Noteworthy
  • Podcasts Will Show You the Endless Potential of the Podcasting Environment
  • Visit Us: Liberated Podcasting Invite to Facebook Group: How Podcast Statistics Operate
  • The Podcast Production Industry: Making Money with Your Neutral Skill
  • Mock - Part One of Planet Money
  • Planet Money parody, part two

This Course Include

Skills Covered

Content Planning and Ideation

Scriptwriting and Storytelling

Voice and Presentation Skills

Audio Production

Marketing and Promotion

Community Building and Engagement

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A podcast is a collection of episodes that have been bundled as digital media files. Like “radio,” the term “podcast” can refer to both the content and the mode of distribution.

Everybody can launch a podcast! To be heard, you don’t require a specialised education or a whole room’s worth of tools. With your phone and the microphone in your headphones, you can start a podcast with ease. We even have a whole lesson on how to launch a podcast from your phone in under two minutes!

The true answer is that you don’t know, and this is the essence of the matter. However, you can start building a place for your community and you will discover individuals who will want to listen to your podcast when you create it and plan out your podcast launch.

The best programs in the world have a lot to teach young podcasters, but podcast episode length isn’t one of them. They can last anything from a few seconds to several hours. So, the answer to the issue of how frequently you release a new episode depends on you, the subject you’re covering, and the format you use.

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