Marketing Automation Course in Hyderabad

Create a Marketing Automation Strategy and learn about various tools with an Automation Expert and best-selling instructor!

Marketing Automation Course in Hyderabad

The Marketing Automation Course in Hyderabad uses software to automate tasks or processes Marketing automation refers to automating marketing activities such as email campaigns, social media posts, landing pages, etc. Marketers can now create automated emails, track leads, and even build websites without having to hire a developer Ultimately, businesses can spend less time managing their marketing and focus on growing their business instead.

There is no shortage of platforms in today’s market regarding marketing automation. Each one offers an array of Phone tools to help with various marketing functions.

What you’ll learn



Introduction to marketing automation

Why visitor tracking is important

Automate your SMO, PPC strategies

Sales Funnel, Click Funnels

Lead Capture and Nurture

Lead scoring

Tips for successful marketing automation implementation

What ernail automation is and how it may help your business grow

Case Study Illustrations of Email Automation

Establishing a MailerLite account

A quick glance at MailerLite's user interface

Creating a procedure for email automation

Understanding the data from your email automation

Case Study Examples of Email Automation

ASSIGNMENT. Constructing an email automation system for your marketing

Why is content automaton vital for your business and what does it entail?

Artificial Intelligence for Content Automation

Tool #1: Content generation for Website, Blogs and Social Media

Tool #2: Transcribing your videos automatically with Descript

Tool #3: Grammarly

Other tools for content marketing automation

Use content marketing automation in your marketing, as assigned

Why is social media automation vital for your business and what is it?

Social media automation strategy overview

Social media automation toot: SocialBee

Automated social media posting

Automated posting on social media and scheduling

Creating a schedule for your social media automation

Setting up social media automation in your marketing is your assignment.

The BEST method for producing and distributing content

ASSIGNMENT: Setting up automated content creation for your company

What marketing analytics automation is, and how it can help you save time.

Whatagraph is a tool for your business that automates marketing analytics.

Setting up analytics automation for your company is your assignment.

What chatbots are and why your business needs them

Tool: Making an account on ManyChat

Making a Facebook chatbot

Gaining access to chat history and chat data

Modifying your chatbots to achieve additional objectives

Developing a chatbot for WhatsApp, SMS, or instagram

The Chatbot's installation on your website

ASSIGNMENT: Build your first chatbot


Raghu Gaddam by raghugaddam
Raghu Gaddam

Digital Marketing

Raghu Gaddam is a digital marketing professional with over 12+ years of experience in the industry. He were worked with leading companies in the e-commerce and technology sectors, developing and executing successful digital marketing strategies. Raghu is known for his practical approach to teaching, combining real-world examples with the latest industry trends. He holds certifications in digital marketing and regularly attends conferences to stay updated on emerging technologies and methodologies.

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