Gaming & Live Streaming Course in Hyderabad

My 11+ years of expertise will teach you all you need to know about LIVE streaming courses, events, and webinars.

Gaming & Live Streaming Course in Hyderabad

Currently, live streaming has become tremendously popular as per recent studies Right after introducing PUBO the most popular mobile phone game application), many are streaming live gameplay Measuring the success of the game concept, later company introduced a desktop version. Indeed, audiences loved the gameplay skills while watching. If you want to get into the Gaming and live Streaming Course in  Hyderabad scene, you might wonder whether or not you should spend too much time playing games before starting.

There are benefits & drawbacks to both approaches. Some streamers say they only play games for fun, but they also stream their gameplay Others say they don’t play games but instead focus on creating entertaining content in either case, you need to decide how much time you should spend gaming before you start streaming

What you’ll learn



The genesis of live-streaming

What is live streaming, and how does it work?

Codecs - H.264 and AAC



Action Cams


DSLRs and Mirrorless

Professional Cams

Software vs hardware live production switchers

Wirecast and vMix which software video mixers to choose?

Which hardware video mixer to choose?

Working with the vMix software video mixer

Two important tips about audio before you start

The best microphones for webinars and one-man online shows

Live streaming good quality audio during a conference or a concert

How to fix buzz, hum, and other strange noises?

How to fix out-of-sync audio?

Working with Magewell X100D USB capture cards and Data video DAC-70 converter.

What is encoding and which encoder to choose?

Live streaming to StreamShark using Wirecast 7 (Part 1: setting up Streamshark)

Live streaming to StreamShark using Wirecast 7 (Part 2: setting up Wirecast)

Streaming to Facebook Live using vMix

Streaming to YouTube LIVE using Open Broadcaster

High-quality webinar or video conference using

Introduction to streaming providers

Which live streaming platform to choose for WEBCASTS?

What live streaming platform to choose for WEBINARS?

Links to hardware and software recommended by me for streaming


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Raghu Gaddam

Digital Marketing

Raghu Gaddam is a digital marketing professional with over 12+ years of experience in the industry. He were worked with leading companies in the e-commerce and technology sectors, developing and executing successful digital marketing strategies. Raghu is known for his practical approach to teaching, combining real-world examples with the latest industry trends. He holds certifications in digital marketing and regularly attends conferences to stay updated on emerging technologies and methodologies.

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