Mobile App Marketing course in Hyderabad: Advertising
Monetization, and ASO

Make a successful mobile app company! Get over one million downloads with powerful monetization and app store optimisation (ASO).

Mobile App Marketing Course in Hyderabad

Mobile apps contributions cannot be placed aside as it has already become a part of our regular routine. They allow us to stay connected to friends and family, shop, play games, watch movies, read books, listen to music, etc. There has been a massive increase in number of people using smart phones. Many are using multiple devices, but reports evaluated that every individual uses at least one device With smartphones and tablets, the demand for mobile applications (apps) has also risen. In fact, according to Statista, there are currently more than 2 million apps available in the Google Play Store alone. Mobile App Marketing Course in Hyderabad development companies constantly create new apps to meet the growing demand. If you’re a marketer or salesperson who’s thinking about getting into mobile app marketing is ideal for making a career choice.

What you’ll learn



Basics of Mobile Marketing

Marketing Changes with Mobile Devices

Knowledge Check

Types of Mobile Devices

Marketing Different Devices

Knowledge Check

Campaign Delivery Options - SMS and MMS Messaging

Effective Ways to Use Message Campaigns

Basics of Mobile App

Planning Developing and Promoting a Mobile App

Basics of Mobile Websites

Considerations for Building a Mobile Website

App Marketing

Campaign Delivery Options: QR Codes

Campaign Delivery Options: Augmented Reality

Campaign Delivery Options: Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Mobile and Traditional Marketing

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Marketing and Search

Programmatic Ad Buying

Mobile Incentive Opportunities

Mobile Loyalty Programs

Mobile and Social Media

Content Marketing for Mobile

Facebook Advertising for Mobile

Mobile Marketing - Location Based Services

Beacons-Opportunities and Challenges

Employing Beacons

Mobile Marketing Rules and Regulations

Mobile Campaign Compliance


Raghu Gaddam by raghugaddam
Raghu Gaddam

Digital Marketing

Raghu Gaddam is a digital marketing professional with over 12+ years of experience in the industry. He were worked with leading companies in the e-commerce and technology sectors, developing and executing successful digital marketing strategies. Raghu is known for his practical approach to teaching, combining real-world examples with the latest industry trends. He holds certifications in digital marketing and regularly attends conferences to stay updated on emerging technologies and methodologies.

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