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Psychographics is a term coined by Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt in his book Marketing Myopia. Psychographics is defined as the study of consumer behaviour based on personality traits.
Marketing has always focused on demographics (age, gender, income) and psychographics (personality traits). The idea behind psychographics was to combine these two approaches into one cohesive model. Doing this would allow marketers to target specific groups of consumers based on their unique personalities.
Psychographics is now widely accepted as a viable approach to understanding consumer behaviour. Companies have become commonplace to create personas or customer profiles based on psychographics. These personas are then used to develop targeted messages and campaigns.
​​In this course, we will cover:

  • Psychographic basics
  • The anatomy of the psyche
  • Persona creation
  • Targeting messages through the use of psychographics
  • Measuring the results of your marketing efforts.


By the end of this course, you should have an enhanced knowledge of psychology and how it impacts our behaviours. You will also know how to measure and track psychographic data & able to point peoples types & behavior. Finally, you will understand how to apply psychological principles when creating messaging for your business effectively.


  • What is psychographics
  • Detailed Analytics data
  • Create refined audiences
  • Enhance A/B tests
  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Create customer profile
  • An overview of the buying process
  • Pre-sales and motivation: a self-determination theory overview
  • An introduction to the expectation confirmation theory with regard to post-sale satisfaction
  • The four methods of segmenting consumers
  • The role of cultural values in influencing consumer behavior through advertising
    "Deviance or uniqueness, harmony or conformity?" is a case study.
  • Individual decisions made within various cultural situations
  • Pop Test
  • China: when history and innovation converge
  • China: when tradition and innovation don't mesh
  • Turkey: a place to have fun and "show off"
  • Israel: (false) introduction of Frappuccino to the Holy Land
  • A contentious "dissertation on American values" is LIS.
  • Making connections: France's strange ties to Israel
  • Resources and advice for creating buyer personas
  • Knowledge 
  • Assessment questionnaire
  • After-course assistance

This Course Include

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Market Research


Psychographic Profiling


Marketing Psychology

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How do psychographics work? The psychological and cognitive characteristics of a consumer known as psychographics reflect their views, values, and ambitions. In marketing, psychographics are combined with demographics to better understand consumer buying patterns.

How can psychographics influence buying habits?

The research method known as psychographic segmentation is used to examine consumers and categorize them based on psychological traits such as personality, lifestyle, social status, activities, interests, opinions, and attitudes.

You may develop more effective and individualized marketing efforts that connect with your audience by using psychographic segmentation. You can make your messaging, offers, products, and services more relevant to your clients’ needs and preferences by knowing the psychological factors that influence and motivate them.

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