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Automation is using software to automate tasks or processes. Marketing automation refers to automating marketing activities such as email campaigns, social media posts, landing pages, etc.
Marketers can now create automated emails, track leads, and even build websites without having to hire a developer. Ultimately, businesses can spend less time managing their marketing and focus on growing their business instead.
There is no shortage of platforms in today’s market regarding marketing ​​​automation. Each one offers an array of tools to help with various marketing functions.


Let’s go through some of the most famous examples for each type of tool:

Email Marketing: Email marketing automation platforms provide you with a system to send your templates via API (Application Programming Interface). You can set variables within these templates & track engagement/open rate for lead nurturing.

Social Media: Social Media platforms have similar functionality to email and allow users to create and share content to post to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Linkedin, and more! These platforms offer analytics to see who opened your message, how many times they clicked links, and what kind of device/browser they used to view your messages.

Landing Pages: Landing Page platforms allow marketers to create stunningly-designed landing pages and track conversions. A landing page is designed for a specific purpose, such as an ebook download, online survey, or newsletter signup form.

Lead Scoring: Lead scoring systems to allow you to assign a value to your leads based on the information filled out during registration. Lead scoring enables to understand who is your valued customer purchasing the products/services.

Explore the various types of marketing automation areas?

The four main types of marketing automation include:

1. Demand Generation

2. Sales Support

3. CRM

4. Reporting

Each platform specializes in certain aspects of all four categories. There is not much standardization among them. Which platform works best depends on which part your company needs to use the most. Before committing yourself to any particular venue, it is crucial to keep that in mind because there will inevitably be a learning curve associated with every new method.

Though there are many marketing automation tools available, we would advise you to start with Hubspot, as it details every feature to setup automation to the workflows. They do a fantastic job providing everything from sales support to conversion tracking and reporting. Gear up for the detailed marketing automation course to learn more about it, Hurry up!! Register now.


  • Introduction to marketing automation
  • Why visitor tracking is important
  • Automate your SMO, PPC strategies
  • Sales Funnel, Click Funnels
  • Lead Capture and Nurture
  • Lead scoring
  • Tips for successful marketing automation implementation
  • What email automation is and how it may help your business grow
  • Case Study: Illustrations of Email Automation
  • Establishing a MailerLite account
  • A quick glance at MailerLite's user interface
  • Creating a procedure for email automation
  • Understanding the data from your email automation
  • Case Study: Examples of Email Automation
  • ASSIGNMENT: Constructing an email automation system for your marketing

Why is content automation vital for your business and what does it entail?

Artificial Intelligence for Content Automation
Tool #1: Content generation for Website, Blogs and Social Media
Tool #2: Transcribing your videos automatically with Descript
Tool #3: Grammarly
Other tools for content marketing automation

Use content marketing automation in your marketing, as assigned

  • Why is social media automation vital for your business and what is it?
  • Social media automation strategy overview
  • Social media automation tool: SocialBee
  • Automated posting on social media and scheduling
  • Automated social media posting
  • Creating a schedule for your social media automation
  • Setting up social media automation in your marketing is your assignment.
  • The BEST method for producing and distributing content
  • ASSIGNMENT: Setting up automated content creation for your company
  • What marketing analytics automation is, and how it can help you save time
  • Whatagraph is a tool for your business that automates marketing analytics.
  • Setting up analytics automation for your company is your assignment.
  • What chatbots are and why your business needs them
  • Tool: Making an account on ManyChat
  • Making a Facebook chatbot
  • Gaining access to chat history and chat data
  • Modifying your chatbots to achieve additional objectives
  • Developing a chatbot for WhatsApp, SMS, or Instagram
  • The Chatbot's installation on your website
  • ASSIGNMENT: Build your first chatbot.

This Course Include

Skills Covered

Marketing Automation

Customer Lifecycle


Triggered Communication

Improving Customer Retention

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Through highly individualized and automated communications, marketing automation is a digital marketing technique that aids in growing and nurturing your leads down the sales funnel. Additionally, it can be applied to complex and in-depth website analytics and reporting.

Marketing automation may help you convert more leads with fewer resources, engage with leads more frequently, acquire more prospects, and convert those leads more quickly. Additionally, it might offer more details and statistics about your leads and their interactions with your marketing materials.

Yes! The use of marketing automation is not limited to big businesses. The truth is that any business, regardless of size, may use it.

Simply put, marketing automation allows you to accomplish far more than email marketing or auto-responders do. Beyond email marketing reports, marketing automation delivers unparalleled levels of personalization for your marketing communications as well as the content of your website.

The marketing automation platform you select should ultimately be based on the unique requirements and goals of your business. Salesforce Pardot is one of the simpler tools to use, HubSpot is regarded as one of the finest in terms of content distribution and innovation, SharpSpring is ideal for agencies, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud is pretty much one of the most complete platforms accessible.

The solution to this question can’t really be given in a few short phrases. The greatest approach, though, is to move cautiously and gradually while paying attention to each individual thing.

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