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Currently, live streaming has become tremendously popular as per recent studies. Right after introducing PUBG (the most popular mobile phone game application), many are streaming the live gameplay. Measuring the success of game concept, later company has introduced desktop version. Indeed, audiences loved the gameplay skills while watching. If you want to get into the live streaming scene, you might wonder whether or not you should spend too much time playing games before starting.

There are benefits & drawbacks to both approaches. Some streamers say they only play games for fun, but they also stream their gameplay. Others say they don’t play games but instead focus on creating entertaining content. In either case, you need to decide how much time you should spend gaming before you start streaming.


The world of esports is constantly growing, which means new avenues open up for skilled gamers to make a career out of what they enjoy so much. As long as you choose the right platform, you can make a living doing something you love – without spending a fortune!

Here is the right gaming & live streaming course for you.


  • Introduction to the world of gaming and streaming
  • Live streaming platforms
  • Different gaming communities and platforms
  • Future of in-game marketing
  • A description of cameras
  • Webcams
  • Action Camera
  • Handycams
  • DSLRs and mirrorless 
  • Professional cameras
  • The distinction between
  • HDMI and SDI (and why it's so important)
  • Two key recommendations regarding audio before you begin
  • The top mics for online shows and webinars
  • Live audio streaming in high definition during a seminar or performance
  • How can buzz, hum, and other odd noises be fixed?
  • How can out of sync audio be fixed?
  • Internal and external capture cards I'm using and
    recommending_(PC and Mac)
  • Working with Magewell XIOOD USB capture cards and
    Datavideo DAC-70 converter
  • Hardware live production switchers versus software
  • Which software video mixers should I choose between Wirecast and vMix?
  • What hardware video mixer should I select?
  • Using the video mixer program vMix
  • What is encoding, and how do I choose an encoder?
  • Wirecast 7 live streaming to StreamShark (Part 1: configuring StreamShark)
  • Wirecast 7 live streaming to StreamShark (Part 2: configuring Wi recast)
  • vMix streaming to Facebook Live 
  • Making a live stream for YouTube with Open Broadcaster
  • Using, deliver a high-quality webinar or video conference.
  • Overview of streaming services v
  • What live streaming service should I use for WEBCASTS?
  • Which live streaming service should I use for WEBINARS?

This Course Include

Skills Covered

The basics of gaming and gamer psychology

Detailed data about the gaming industry

Esports and live streaming market insights

Information about gaming marketing tools

Knowledge about the future of marketing

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The term “streaming” refers to live broadcasting from a phone, computer, or video game console that is linked to the internet.

Several streaming platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming, are available for live-streaming video games.

Although anybody may broadcast anything they like, including food programmer or simple chat sessions, the top 100 Twitch channels are virtually solely devoted to video game streaming.

Twitch claims that in February 2020, 3.8 million streamers streamed themselves on their platform alone, attracting 15 million unique daily viewers and 140 million monthly users.

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