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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practice of improving the performance of a web page or mobile application through user experience improvements. The objective is to drive audiences to the targeted page on the website and converting them to make a purchase.


It takes time to get good at CRO. There are no shortcuts. If you would like to optimize your conversion rates, you need to think analytically well measuring the metrics and take necessary actions to improve the conversion rates. Optimizing the campaign for improving the conversion rate is worth investing time and effort.

Our course will take you through understanding:
• How to optimize the conversion rates? 
• What metrics needs to consider to monitor the progress of conversion rate optimization success.
• How to use design patterns like A/B testing and progressive enhancement to optimize conversions
• Best practices for CRO, including how to make content more compelling
We’re excited to bring you Conversion Rate Optimize today because we know that if you implement these strategies correctly, they can significantly impact how your business performs online.


  • Introduction to Conversion rate optimization
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Interpreting results to boost business
  • Advanced split testing techniques
  • Google Optimize 360°
  • Conversion rate optimization tools
  • Foundations of
  • Conversion for website
  • CRO
  • Recognizing clients
  • Developing the message
  • The structure of a landing page
  • Design evaluation
  • Conversion analysis
  • Professionals wishing to pursue a career as Website CRO
  • Analytics specialists
  • Professionals in optimization
  • Online entrepreneurs looking to increase their profits
  • Digital marketers who use data-driven strategies to drive business income
  • According to LinkedIn, there are more than 1,000 CRO jobs available in the United States alone.
  • According to PayScale, CRO practitioners make an average of US$75k per year.
  • The need for marketers is anticipated to increase by 10% by 2026. Occupational Labor Statistics

To participate in this conversion optimization course, no specific skill set is required. However, it will be helpful to have a practical understanding of how Microsoft Office and the Internet operate.X

This Course Include

Skills Covered

Aspects of conversion optimization

Conversion planning

Conversion structure and design concepts

Web analytics and measurement

Web analytics and measurement

Conversion with PPC

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If you are a student and can manage to come on regular basis then Raghu Gaddam recommends to enroll yourself for regular batches. Our schedule for regular batches is from Monday to Friday, five days a week.

Alternate Batches

If you would like to invest your time for practicing at home, then Raghu Gaddam recommends to enroll yourself for alternate batches. Raghu Gaddam conducts alternate batches in which you need to come 3 Days a week on alternate basis.

Weekend Batches

If you are working or can’t manage to have free time on weekdays, then Raghu Gaddam recommends to enrol yourself for our weekend batches, which is only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sunday Batches

In case if you are having a busy schedule from Monday to Saturday, then Raghu Gaddam recommends to enrol yourself for a Sunday Special Batch, However you need to discuss the timings with our trainers.



While both CRO and SEO are concerned with enhancing a website’s performance, CRO is concerned with increasing the rate at which visitors take a desired action on a website, whereas SEO is concerned with enhancing a website’s ranking in search engine results.

Website analytics software, heat mapping programs, A/B testing tools, user testing tools, and survey tools are some of the resources used in CRO.

A/B testing is a technique in conversion rate optimization (CRO) that compares two versions of a web page to see which one converts more visitors into customers. The objective is to identify the components of a web page that are most successful at promoting conversions.

User behavior is an important part of CRO. Optimizing the user experience and raising conversion rates requires an understanding of how users engage with a website, what drives them to do desired actions, and what obstacles stand in the way of conversion.

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