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Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income from home. The concept involves promoting other companies’ products or services through websites, blogs, social media pages, etc. Affiliates receive commissions whenever someone purchases a product they’ve recommended.

If you are fond of searching for information on google, then must search for affiliate marketing. You will end up finding out various ways to become an affiliate marketer. One of them is to join an affiliate network. There are many affiliate networks out there, each offering its own unique benefits. However, not all affiliate programs will work for you. The most successful networks offer solutions that can help affiliates build their businesses and increase their sales.

In this course, I will go over how to become a paid affiliate marketer. In case you haven’t heard, it is possible to make money online these days. It doesn’t matter if you have never made money online before. You can still become an affiliate marketer.


Once you complete the course offered by us, you will receive a course completion certification appreciating you.


  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How Affiliate Marketing Tracking Works?
  • How to find Affiliate marketing platforms
  • Affiliate program in India
  • What are Affiliate Networks?
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins
  • Affiliate Marketing Bidding Strategies & Techniques
  • Affiliate Marketing tips to increase earnings
  • Different ways to affiliate
  • Content and Affiliate relevancy
  • Affiliate marketing scenario in India

Top Affiliate marketing networks

  • Potential for Affiliate Marketing Income
  • Affiliate Income: Actual Figures
  • Glossary of Affiliate Marketing
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing - Word Track


  • Reviewing Affiliate Programs: A 5-Step Process
  • How To Choose The Right Affiliate Program For Your Niche
  • Word Track's list of the top affiliate marketing initiatives for 2022
  • Describe a niche.
  • Authority websites versus niche websites
  • Four Ways To Identify Affiliate Marketing Niches
  • An overview of niche validation
  • Part 1 of Niche Validation
  • Part 2 of niche validation
  • Part 3 of niche validation
  • The Reality Of Niche Research
  • Research by niche using Wordtrack


  • What We're Going To Cover In This Section
  • 7 Affiliate Marketing Traffic Generation Techniques
  • My Favorite Affiliate Marketing Traffic Generation Technique
  • 7 Affiliate Marketing Traffic Generation Techniques - Word Track


  • What Are CMSs, and Which Should You Use?
  • Selecting A Domain Name Buying Your Domain
  • Setting Up Hosting
  • Installing An SSL Certificate
  • How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Website
  • Installing Free & Premium Themes
  • Initial website setup and domain registration - Word Track
  • What This Section Is Going To Cover
  • 7-Step Buying Checklist for Expired Domains
  • Real-time Walkthrough: How To Find Good Expired Domains
  • Expired Domain Premium Software
  • Word Track - Advanced Strategy - Expired Domains


  • Understanding What a Keyword Is and the Purpose of It
  • Preview
  • How to Use Google Keyword Planner, a Free Resource
  • Use This Free Tool To Conduct Keyword Research
  • Keyword Grouping
  • How to Reverse Engineer How to Find Targeted Keywords The Best-Rated Websites
  • Two keyword purposes you must focus on
  • How to Find Related Informational Keywords
  • Revisions to the keyword research sheet
  • How many keywords ought to I use as my page's focus?
  • Word Track's Affiliate Website Keyword Research
  • Creating a Website Plan Silo Architecture
  • How To Make Your Website Topically Relevant
  • Topical Relevance and Silo Structure - Word Track


This Course Include

Skills Covered

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Techniques

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If you are a student and can manage to come on regular basis then Raghu Gaddam recommends to enroll yourself for regular batches. Our schedule for regular batches is from Monday to Friday, five days a week.

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If you would like to invest your time for practicing at home, then Raghu Gaddam recommends to enroll yourself for alternate batches. Raghu Gaddam conducts alternate batches in which you need to come 3 Days a week on alternate basis.

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If you are working or can’t manage to have free time on weekdays, then Raghu Gaddam recommends to enrol yourself for our weekend batches, which is only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sunday Batches

In case if you are having a busy schedule from Monday to Saturday, then Raghu Gaddam recommends to enrol yourself for a Sunday Special Batch, However you need to discuss the timings with our trainers.



Affiliate marketing is the practise of allowing publications to advertise your product or service on your behalf. In exchange, you will be asked to pay a commission on each sale that can be directly traced to that publisher (or affiliate).

It enables you to save time and money on marketing, which you can then devote to focusing on and investing in other elements of your organisation.
It allows you to communicate with professional marketers. It promotes your products to new consumers through the work of your publishing team, and it is cost effective.

Units sold as a result of a particular marketing campaign are referred to as incremental sales. These campaigns can take the shape of affiliate marketing, but they can also take the form of influencer marketing, social media ads, and other platforms.

When a reader visits a website for a brand that has an affiliate programme, an affiliate disclosure statement is required to inform the reader legally that a commission may be paid to the publisher if the reader clicks on affiliate links or makes a purchase.

Yes. From a business thinking standpoint, the capacity to gain economic results is based on investment and commitment to effort. A positive outlook is required throughout the Affiliate Marketing journey.

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